Accelerate Your Ambulatory Strategy

As the gap between hospitals’ outpatient and inpatient revenue continues to shrink, a comprehensive ambulatory care platform becomes more critical. Regent has been at the forefront, working with hospital ambulatory strategists and the c-suite to drive revenue and growth.

4 Ways We Optimize Your Strategy:

  • Develop a managed care strategy that suits the needs of your health system
  • Rank your existing assets, evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
  • Identify the right expanded mix of interconnected ambulatory assets for your market area
  • Execute with excellence to strengthen relationships and improve care


Market Share

Geographic Footprint

Patient Capacity

Inpatient OR Space

Realizing an Interconnected Ambulatory Platform

Your ambulatory platform will feature a variety of interconnected assets that raise the utility and profitability of each resource, beyond its own specific contribution to revenue.

A robust ambulatory strategy will achieve:

  • Increased ambulatory access points
  • Lowered cost of care
  • Stakeholder and physician alignment
  • New patients will have a stronger connection to your system of care