Using the case study of Blockbuster and Netflix, Regent Surgical Health examines healthcare parallels in a new white paper. The story of these competitors offers six key “lessons learned” that have relevance today for health systems looking to leverage new technology, data, customer preference, and care delivery models to lead healthcare into the future.


The Six Key Lessons Are:

  1. Stay focused on your primary purpose
  2. Know your customers, know what they want and don’t want; ensure alignment as needs change
  3. Be on the lookout for game-changing innovation; brand/business strength is not defense
  4. Understand the potential of emerging technology to disrupt tried-and-true
  5. Pay attention to price: continual improvement means lowering costs/price, increasing value
  6. Be open to new partners

Netflix is to ASC as Blockbuster is to Hospital – find out how by downloading the white paper!