Our surgical center’s primary goal is to provide excellent care for our patients in a safe and comfortable environment, and that will never change. By teaming with Regent Surgical Health and Lee Health, our patients will benefit from our collaborative relationship and have broader access to outpatient orthopedic services.

Dr. Jeremy SchwartzSurgeon partner at the Center for Specialized Surgery

The partnership with Regent enables UHS to further expand its ambulatory capabilities bringing the right care to the right consumer at the right location.

Marvin PemberExecutive Vice President and President, Acute Care Division, Universal Health Services

This partnership brings direct benefits for our patients and physician partners. We’ve had great support from Regent and Providence has been an excellent hospital partner.

Dr. Justin RufenerBoard President at Plaza ASC

Regent RCM’s peer-to-peer engagement played a key role in maximizing collections.

Terri GattonAdministrator, Andrews Institute

I joined Regent because I had an opportunity to grow in my career and because we truly strive to live by our RISE values. That was important to me when I started and that commitment to our values has served us well and our patients well.

Vianca BautistaRegent RCM employee

Providers and payers are beginning to recognize the opportunity bundled payments offer to greatly reduce the cost of certain high volume, high cost procedures like total joint replacements and spinal fusions. These procedures offer some of the greatest opportunities for savings for the healthcare system.

Chris StineDirector of Bundled Payments & Corporate Compliance Officer

I served as a translator on the trip last year and it was a humbling and rewarding experience. I hope the families of the patients understand their treatment and provided recovery instructions. It was life-changing for the patients – as well as our team. We were blessed to be a blessing.

Jocelyn Ocampo

The collaboration between the physician owners and Regent makes sense, not only for those directly involved but also for those who will receive treatment from like-minded physicians dedicated to delivering patient-centered care.

Christopher Nanson, M.D.Orthopedic Surgeon and partner at Oregon Surgical Institute

We launched an extensive search to find a surgery center management and development company that shared our vision for creating an outpatient orthopedic surgical center of excellence. Together with Regent, we opened the doors to OSI in 2018.

James Ballard, M.D.Orthopedic Surgeon and partner at Oregon Surgical Institute

Regent is working with us and with payers on next frontier management strategies, on things like payment bundling. They’ve been a very big support system for us, and the Regent clinical team is always available if we have questions.

Kathy HorowitzAdministrator, The Center for Specialized Surgery at Ft. Myers